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Table of Content:

  1. Jack of All, Master of None!
  2. Understand the approach, not code
  3. Teaching is the best practice
  4. Your best friend is Google
  5. Analysis of your Progress

Jack of All, Master of None!

I remember a story of a guy I met in an interview, so the interviewer asked him to tell me about your experience of the programming languages, and in meantime, he counted almost of them from security to IoT all of them he has the experience, but there is no specialization of him in anything he just had the bare minimum experience of trying things.

Also, In My early day of programming, I’m very much font of building websites with using templates, edit and tweaks into them and create a masterpiece, but when I am introduced to programming languages like C++/python/java, I’d hand on all of them, but I am very much confused to which I pursue with. I tried many things but got settled with Front end developer.

Understand the approach, not code

As a beginner there is a lot of problems I’d face of reading someone else code and find out who the hell using var in his code in 2020, why aren’t using arrow functions, and the code I need to understand becomes a disaster to me, therefore I decided to understand the approach of the code not the way of writing.

The Way and approach of writing code will be different from every programmer. So, in order to understand the code we need to understand the approach of code, how can we write the code.

One Pro tip I had face during the early time of my programming are, first focus on View, then optimization, no one is writing the best code in one shot, It will get improve bit by bit.

Teaching is the best practice

As a self-taught programmer, learning while practising is the best technique to learn, like teaching the code to other new beginner’s programmers, sharing the knowledge and experience to help them for rapid learning. Nowadays, YouTube has the best videos of programming around the globe. Also, Conferences and meetups are the best places for the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Your best friend is Google

So yes, you read it right, while programming the Best friend to ask the Question is Google, the newbies to experience programmer all do the google to find the solution of the programmer,

so, let’s break down the approach of how to search for a problem on the google: -

1. Search direct you problem on google, and find that on StackOverflow, GitHub discussion, code exchange etc forums might be someone had the same problem so they will help you.

2. If step 1 is not working for you then go into documentation, I know there are lots of jargon words out there, but that’s the best way to understand the functionality and fix the issue or a feature you want to implement or solve.

3. If that will not help, then ask a Question on StackOverflow or any other forums, there is an active community of the programmers they will help you

4. Ask a friend or mentor to resolve 😊

Analysis of your Progress

So As Programmer, the analysis of your progress is much required to track how much efficient your work, For example, you buy a course on MERN stack, you decide to do as the instructor did, but as tracing your own progress with the course you’ll find out how much you gain knowledge and also including projects which help you for better understanding. Decide a goal and do code coffee code…

Thank you so much for reading, it is my first blog(part-2) where I share my experience of working in the development field. You can visit my website or write on



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