5 Second Rule By Mel Robbins: My Thoughts

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The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins describes the technique which helps you to stop procrastinating and start working on things by triggering your mind

5 Second Rule -Decision Making to change your behavior

  • As per the author, the 5-second rule helps her to prevent acting on detrimental urges. 5 Second rule is just counting reverse 5..4..3..2..1 and just do the task
  • We develop things to snooze or delay because of laziness and boredom, here 5 Second rule helps you to take action quickly because the mind having a second thought.
  • This simple act helps to overcome anxieties and redirects your attention to what you should be doing, instead of submitting to instantly gratifying urges. This will helps to break a -ve cycle.
  • We are told to keep an eye on opportunities, but if we assert control over ourselves and create our own destiny & opportunities instead of just waiting for them.

Unlock your inner courageous side

  • Small and instant gestures can spark significant changes in life, Counting Backward from five isn’t a dramatic lifestyle change, but it can push you toward the more courageous person.
  • Sometimes massive impact actions can take in no time, and it is probable that if you could, you might decline to take action.
  • Most of us have instincts that tell us to play safe and not be courageous, But the five-second rule can give us just enough time to move in the direction that can open us up to life’s opportunities.
  • Each day you have a chance to move towards greatness or stick with a safe and mundane routine, but to live out of your comfort zone, you’ll have to make the choice of taking five seconds to push yourself.

Just Do It

We usually stopping ourselves for the right timing to take initiative/actions but this “Right Time” will come to use.

  • With the Five-Second rule, you can take actions like, raise your hand during meetings and speak your mind. If you want to add joy to someone’s life, then compliment them.
  • To Make a decision, which is something we can always put off by telling that today isn’t the right day. Eventually, this can never-ending loop and waiting forever for the right moment to arrive.
  • According to the survey, 85% of Professional service employees are keeping feedback from their managers because it’s not the “right time”.
  • To grab opportunities and create something which you always dreamed of, use the five-second rule to take action in JIT ( just-In-Time) Before your mind finds another excuse to push it.

Control Your Actions

  • Human Being is a creature of emotions, we took our decision based on feelings rather than goal-oriented logics.
  • We Praised Athletes who seem practically inhuman, the ability to push past most people’s physical limits, Despite feeling exhausted to continue they can separate from feeling and continue to run.
  • According to research, 95% of our decisions are based on our emotions, so rather than “thinking and acting” we generally “feel and act”
  • By 5 Second rule, instead of letting fears and worries stop you from fulfilling your dreams in life, catch yourself and take the five-second rule to make the decision.
  • We can control our actions by changing our behavior from the 5-second rule by focusing on just doing the task. It provides you with the courage to overcome psychological obstacles.

Triumph over Procrastination

  • Today, modern technologies like smartphones were designed to make us more productive, yet they often end up distracting leads to procrastination.
  • There’s a difference between innocent procrastination and destructive procrastination. When we avoid serious trouble, it’s destructive procrastination.
  • Procrastination is not just a result of bad time management and a lack of willpower or Laziness, but also a side effect of how we deal with stress.
  • Procrastination is the result of the subconscious desire for instant gratification since it offers immediate relief from the stress of life.
  • To overcome procrastination, you can apply a 5-second rule like the moment you start to sense the urge to procrastinate or do something else.
  • Procrastination is just another way to giving up control, so instead start the reverse countdown and reassert control over your life.

Worry Less, Be Grateful

As we’re constantly being taught to worry over-concerned parents telling us to “be careful”. As a result, we’ve become adults who spend much worrying about things that are beyond our concern.

  • Use Five seconds to take control and live life to its fullest instead of spending living in fear and anxiety before you regret another minute.
  • When your mind is urged to give itself worry, take five seconds to reassert control.
  • Start be grateful for the moment and ask yourself, “What do I want to remember”.
  • Being Grateful shifts your focus away from the worry and onto the positive aspect of life.



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